I’ve been meaning to do this blog a while now, and I hope it proves to be not just a way for your cock to succumb to my Princess whims, but as education for your masturbation!  In order to thoroughly milk your prostate, it does make sense to have the tools necessary, right?  Finding sex toys for prostate milking may be intimidating if you are a first timer.  Using your fingers will not provide the stimulation I know you seek on this new journey, so your amazing Goddess will help you.

Using a Dildo for Prostate Milking

Oh, is that a look of surprise I see on your face?

Cut it out. You know the idea of a dildo sliding in and out of your hot little asshole turns you on.  In fact, your cock is getting excited at the idea of lubing it up and finding the hot buttons that will have your penis dripping with semen.

Go on, admit it.

There is a wide variety of sexy toys you can use for milking your ass. In fact, you can check them all out here.  With so many to choose from, you may think, oh, this should do the trick, or this big fat 10 inch will feel great.  It takes the right toy for the right stimulation.  Which leads me to the next point.

Finding Perfect Sex Toys

Just as there are different types of condoms for penis sizes, (because some of you  have little tiny dicks), it goes the same for your anus.  If you are a novice to ass play, do not find the  hugest cock to begin prostate milking silly.  I recommend anal beads!    You can ease them in slowly and work your way to inserting the entire strand in your ass.  It will feel so good learning how to open your anal cavity to accept a larger sex toy that will cause amazing orgasms.  Is your dick hard thinking about all this?  Good

Once you practice with anal beads, you may graduate to an anal dildo.  You won’t have as much girth and that is ok!  An anal dildo is designed to help you find the g-spot in your ass.  Some of them are curved, have ridges, and other special imprints to that will stimulate you anally.

Preparing for Your Anal Phone Sex Call

Make sure you are free for 30 minutes to one hour.

Have lube available.  KY is ok, but AstroGlide is better!


Your Kinky questions…..

And that’s it.

See you soon, perv!