Are you curious about prostate milking?  Have you been slipping a finger near your ass while jacking off?  Or maybe you have been eyeballing your wife’s sex toy drawer and curious as to how the curved thick dildo will feel inside of you?  My question is what are you waiting for pervert?  Did you know there are thousands of jack off addicts dying to play with their assholes?  The problem is that they are afraid of being gay (in their mind) or hurting themselves.  I want to challenge you to step outside your comfort zone.  Even if you find out you love prostate milking a bit too much and are now possibly a fag so what?  What’s more important is that you are finding pleasure and Miss Carrington is here to help!

Training Your Anus for Prostate Milking

The biggest fear of prostate milking is possibly not knowing what you are doing and hurting yourself.  You must train your anus to take small items first then gradually move on to bigger ones!  You can start with the following “kit”

Learning You Like Cock Due to Prostate Milking

What if you discover you love anal play so much you like men?  Will you stop prostate milking all together?  As  your Mistress I will say


Discovering new ways to pleasure yourself can also help uncover deep dark fantasies.  Embrace those kinks and perversions.  Playing with your ass will turn you into my sex crazed wimp.  You won’t enjoy sex any other way.  You will be compelled to slide larger and larger dildos in your mangina to achieve waves of orgasms.

Prostate Milking Coaching By Mistress Carrington

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