Imagine having an intense, or better yet, electrifying orgasm unlike anything you have ever experienced.  I’m sure since you discovered your dad’s porn collection, you’ve masturbated your cock 100 different ways, but have you ever wondered if the jolt of sexual energy that shoots from your shaft can be even more intense?  How, you may wonder?  Well, if you are open minded and patient, a girl like me can show you just what to do.

Prostate Milking with a Dildo

Carrington (235)I know many guys borrow their wife’s anal beads for pleasure, if she isn’t around.  You like the sensation, and it reminds you of your gay lovers cock pillowing your ass.  There isn’t anything wrong with that either, but in order to achieve a much more intense orgasm, you should try prostate milking with a dildo.  It’s key to use a dildo, because you must continually massage a certain spot in your anus in order to achieve maximum fulfillment.

Type of Dildo Used for Prostate Milking

I’m sure you know a dildo will feel great, but if you want stimulation that blows your mind and load, you should invest in a beginner prostate massager that makes your orgasm a bit easier to achieve. With practice, you won’t need a dildo and your fingers will serve as the tool to milk you dry. However, the idea of you calling my fetish phone sex line and asking what kind of dildo you should start with sounds exciting, right?

Patience With Dildo Prostate Milking

Learning how to milk your balls won’t happen over night.  It takes practice in learning the art of prostate milking. In case you were wondering, you aren’t the only one who can milk your prostate.  Just imagine if I wore a rubber glove dripping with lube.

You feel the cold sensation tickle your ass, and you ask me to go deeper.

Until next time.