Have your attention?  Good.

Something has you intrigued about prostate milking.  If you are  a seasoned pervert like myself (yes, Mistress is rather pervy), you are likely at least half way educated on the matter.  I know you’ve thought about having anal sex  or having a mistress guide you on milking your balls to a creamy and messy orgasm.

Prostate milking doesn’t make you gay.

If you have reservations about massaging your anus, then maybe you should reevaluate the perils of pleasure. Whereas some men embrace anal fun, others associate it with homosexuality.  There isn’t anything wrong with trying something new to improve your sex life.  Besides, it will be just me, you and the telephone, so who will know?  You will need to keep in mind your first time will require patience. If you want, learn to get comfortable with having an orgasm outside of the old fashioned way.

Learn the basics of prostate milking.

Prostate milking is stimulating nerves in the rectum for arousal.  It is best if you are pretty hygienic and cool with stepping outside your comfort zone.  As your guide, I would strongly advise you to communicate your thoughts on the basics of prostate milking before diving in head first.  Being apprehensive is normal, considering you may not be experienced.  Just imagine my kitten voice commanding you to insert your fingers in your ass to find a “sensitive” spot that will make a bolt of electricity travel your spine.  You may have already watched videos of men having strap on sex with women, but as we all know, the best orgasm is the one we give ourselves.

Call your fetish phone sex mistress.

Curious about how your ass could be a new playground for orgasms?  Wondering if prostate milking will make you desire the opposite sex, or just have questions about it in general?  Call me, boy toy.  I’m sure my nurturing nature and naughty ideas will lead to a world of fun.  I promise. *Wink*  I’m available by appointment, always.  In the meantime, be sure to check back for updates.  Happy Milking!