There is the misconception that heterosexual males who like anal stimulation are gay.  This is not always true.  Prostate massaging can be taken as anal sex, but it can be enjoyed alone or with a partner of whatever sex you choose.  We must keep in mind that safe play is necessary in sex, but what happens when what is enjoyed sexually can be judged as something else?  Are you ashamed to admit you like prostate massage due to gay references?  I am pretty sure you would love an explosive orgasm, right?

Prostate Milking and Anal Sex

Prostate Milking is stimulation of the male g spot.  It is located in the anus and can be discovered by inserting an object inside the rectum.  It takes a little practice, but if the pleasure point is found it causes massive orgasms.  Some men actually enjoy anal sex to achieve this orgasm.  You can have a mistress fuck  your ass with  her strap on, or you can have a play partner use a dildo.  It is a little tricky trying to milk your own prostate, but it isn’t impossible.  A g spot dildo can be used to help find your cock milking erogenous spot.  Mmmm, doesn’t that sound amazing?  Cock milking by way of anal stimulation?

Only Gay Men Can Enjoy Prostate Milking

Sex is something that should have no limits when it comes to enjoyment.  If you prefer to have an orgasm by having your ass tickled with a set of anal beads, then I say have fun!  I am sure many of you feel only gay men can enjoy prostate milking. That isn’t true but society does place the stigma of being gay if you enjoy anal pleasure. Well, my anal loving friend, this is why you must be discreet. If you are secretly bisexual or gay find a partner that is willing to help milk your prostate.  The best partner is a mistress such as myself.  I can guide you in the right direction of self pleasure of maximizing your full enjoyment with anal sex.

You Can Enjoy Prostate Milking Phone Sex

If you are apprehensive on trying anal sex or prostate milking with a partner, call Miss Carrington.  I will train your asshole to love being pegged by a dildo or other means, “wink”.  Prostate Milking Phone Sex is a great way to secretly enjoy a fetish that allows you to broaden your horizons of orgasmic explosion.  Mutual masturbation or solo masturbation does feel good, but what do you think will happen when you tap into a g spot you have never touched?  I’ll let you play with the idea.