A lot of guys are leary of playing with their ass, or having someone else play with it, for that matter.  I dated a guy a while back who couldn’t understand my preoccupation with his anus.  I’m such a young kinkster and love exploring seemingly taboo boundaries in bed.  With a little coaching, he slowly began to get comfortable with the idea of discovering an intense orgasm by milking his prostate.

Your Anus is a Different Kind of Erogenous Zone

When you masturbate, you are stimulating nerves in your penis that you’ve been familiar with a few decades now, depending on your age.  A lot of you guys are way older than me, so it’s safe to assume you aren’t virgins. When you first squirted cum, you thought it was heaven sent right? The room became dizzy, and the Playboy bunny of your dad’s magazine had drippings of  your semen on her naked body, sprawled seductively across two pages. It was a feeling you desired again, and thus began your addiction with orgasms right? Every opportunity you could, you’d jack off. You knew how to stroke, how long it would take and how far to go to take you there. What’s funny is you never considered your anus as an erogenous zone. Of course you knew it was “back there,” but it didn’t connect to stick your fingers inside to get a great sensation. Don’t worry, you aren’t the first, nor last, to feel that way.

Explore Playing with Your Anus

If you are in a relationship and fear asking your mate to stick a dildo in your ass, consider having a little alone time.  Pick a day she is out with her friends, and you have time to really relax and get into it. Prostate milking may not happen the first time. Getting comfortable with penetrating your anus is a process I am definitely here to help you get through. You won’t have to fear judgement, and besides, I’m the expert remember?  When playing with your anus, you must understand it’s not like stroking your cock. It’s new territory, and you have to find the most comfortable position, whether it’s on your side, back, legs in the air, etc.  You get the idea I’m sure.

Toys Used To Milk Your Prostate

In another blog, I will have recommendation for playing with your ass. What I mean is, toys you can use. Yes, toys.  Your fingers may not be long enough to penetrate the nerve in your anus to offer the explosive orgasm I mentioned earlier. Consider this like the first time you jerked off to the naked ladies in your dad’s shoe box.  Your cock was so hard at discovering the nudity of women, you were eager to release your load so your balls would not be tight, tense, and full of cum.  Imagine experiencing that on a deeper level with an entire new nerve that hasn’t been touched. I think you see where I’m getting at right? Good. Now call me.