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Training Your Anus for Prostate Milking

Are you curious about prostate milking?  Have you been slipping a finger near your ass while jacking off?  Or maybe you have been eyeballing your wife’s sex toy drawer and curious as to how the curved thick dildo will feel inside of you?  My question is what are you waiting for pervert?  Did you know there are thousands of jack off addicts dying to play with their assholes?  The problem is that they are afraid of being gay (in their mind) or hurting themselves.  I want to challenge you to step outside your comfort zone.  Even if you find out you love prostate milking a bit too much and now possibly a fag so what?  What is more important is that you are finding pleasure and Miss Carrington is here to help!

Training Your Anus for Prostate Milking

The biggest fear of prostate milking is possibly not knowing what you are doing and hurting yourself.  You must train your anus to take small items first then gradually move on to bigger ones!  You can start with the following “kit”

Learning You Like Cock Due to Prostate Milking

What if you discover you love anal play so much you like men?  Will you stop prostate milking all together?  As  your Mistress I will say


Discovering new ways to pleasure yourself can also help uncover deep dark fantasies.  Embrace those kinks and perversions.  Playing with your ass will turn you into my sex crazed wimp.  You won’t enjoy sex any other way.  You will be compelled to slide larger and larger dildos in your mangina to achieve waves of orgasms.

Prostate Milking Coaching By Mistress Carrington

Ready to take the plunge?  Here is my contact information:


Skype: enchantrixcarrignton

Schedule an appointment here



Mistress Carrington Likes Pegging Men

Mistress Carrington Likes Pegging Men

Mistress Carrington likes pegging men.

It doesn’t matter if you are gay, straight or bisexual.  The idea of you bent over taking my cock excites me more than you know.  Have you watched one too many pegging videos online and fantasized about a mistress lubing her cock while she seduces you on how good it will feel and why you must take it all?  Your finger doesn’t compare to the many cocks I have in my toy chest for you.

Anal Training for Pegging Sex

If you have never been cock stroked by a mistress, I will train you with anal beads.  You can also buy a dildo to prepare for my strap on!  If you are a sissy slut, I bet you already have dildos and anal beads don’t you?  You want Mistress to fuck your sissy ass so badly and make you cream your panties.  Or, you could be a closet bi sexual who has always dreamed of having your man pussy stroked.  Stop talking about it and be about it pervert.  I won’t tell anyone.  Wink

Pegging Sex Checklist

Make sure you  have these things before your call:


Anal Beads

Small to Extra Large Dildo

Butt Plug



My Wishlist




Sex Toys for Anal Pleasure when Prostate Milking and Intense Orgasms

I’ve been meaning to do this blog a while now, and I hope it proves to be not just a way for your cock to succumb to my Princess whims, but as education for your masturbation!  In order to thoroughly milk your prostate, it does make sense to have the tools necessary, right?  Finding sex toys for prostate milking may be intimidating if you are a first timer.  Using your fingers will not provide the stimulation I know you seek on this new journey, so your amazing Goddess will help you.

Using a Dildo for Prostate Milking

Oh, is that a look of surprise I see on your face?

Cut it out. You know the idea of a dildo sliding in and out of your hot little asshole turns you on.  In fact, your cock is getting excited at the idea of lubing it up and finding the hot buttons that will have your penis dripping with semen.

Go on, admit it.

There is a wide variety of sexy toys you can use for milking your ass. In fact, you can check them all out here.  With so many to choose from, you may think, oh, this should do the trick, or this big fat 10 inch will feel great.  It takes the right toy for the right stimulation.  Which leads me to the next point.

Finding Perfect Sex Toys

Just as there are different types of condoms for penis sizes, (because some of you  have little tiny dicks), it goes the same for your anus.  If you are a novice to ass play, do not find the  hugest cock to begin prostate milking silly.  I recommend anal beads!    You can ease them in slowly and work your way to inserting the entire strand in your ass.  It will feel so good learning how to open your anal cavity to accept a larger sex toy that will cause amazing orgasms.  Is your dick hard thinking about all this?  Good

Once you practice with anal beads, you may graduate to an anal dildo.  You won’t have as much girth and that is ok!  An anal dildo is designed to help you find the g-spot in your ass.  Some of them are curved, have ridges, and other special imprints to that will stimulate you anally.

Preparing for Your Anal Phone Sex Call

Make sure you are free for 30 minutes to one hour.

Have lube available.  KY is ok, but AstroGlide is better!


Your Kinky questions…..

And that’s it.

See you soon, perv!

Men Who Like Anal Sex Aren’t Always Gay

There is the misconception that heterosexual males who like anal stimulation are gay.  This is not always true.  Prostate massaging can be taken as anal sex, but it can be enjoyed alone or with a partner of whatever sex you choose.  We must keep in mind that safe play is necessary in sex, but what happens when what is enjoyed sexually can be judged as something else?  Are you ashamed to admit you like prostate massage due to gay references?  I am pretty sure you would love an explosive orgasm, right?

Prostate Milking and Anal Sex

Prostate Milking is stimulation of the male g spot.  It is located in the anus and can be discovered by inserting an object inside the rectum.  It takes a little practice, but if the pleasure point is found it causes massive orgasms.  Some men actually enjoy anal sex to achieve this orgasm.  You can have a mistress fuck  your ass with  her strap on, or you can have a play partner use a dildo.  It is a little tricky trying to milk your own prostate, but it isn’t impossible.  A g spot dildo can be used to help find your cock milking erogenous spot.  Mmmm, doesn’t that sound amazing?  Cock milking by way of anal stimulation?

Only Gay Men Can Enjoy Prostate Milking

Sex is something that should have no limits when it comes to enjoyment.  If you prefer to have an orgasm by having your ass tickled with a set of anal beads, then I say have fun!  I am sure many of you feel only gay men can enjoy prostate milking. That isn’t true but society does place the stigma of being gay if you enjoy anal pleasure. Well, my anal loving friend, this is why you must be discreet. If you are secretly bisexual or gay find a partner that is willing to help milk your prostate.  The best partner is a mistress such as myself.  I can guide you in the right direction of self pleasure of maximizing your full enjoyment with anal sex.

You Can Enjoy Prostate Milking Phone Sex

If you are apprehensive on trying anal sex or prostate milking with a partner, call Miss Carrington.  I will train your asshole to love being pegged by a dildo or other means, “wink”.  Prostate Milking Phone Sex is a great way to secretly enjoy a fetish that allows you to broaden your horizons of orgasmic explosion.  Mutual masturbation or solo masturbation does feel good, but what do you think will happen when you tap into a g spot you have never touched?  I’ll let you play with the idea.

Strap On Phone Sex Mistress

Men have a lot of secret fantasies they don’t tell their girlfriends or wives. They fear the judgement and embarrassment, because what they crave sexually is outside of the norm of vanilla sex. Luckily for you, I’m an open minded strap on phone sex mistress that loves exploring forbidden fantasies. Have you ever thought about having sex with a man? If not, has the idea of being anally penetrated made your cock hard? Perhaps pegging is a bit more exciting for you. You want to have your prostate massaged by a woman with a nice fat strap on.

Strap On Phone Sex Mistress

Prostate milking can happen a multitude of ways. You can use a dildo, anal beads, or have a mistress fuck your virgin ass.  Carrington (41)The whole idea is to seduce your cock into getting hard at the thought of my strap on penetrating your male g-spot. How how is that? Of course, I would be patient, use lube, and massage your anus until it is ready to receive my joystick. Are you nervous? It’s o.k. I will train you to accept my cock, and you will beg to get your tunnel stroked 24/7.

Your New Strap On Phone Sex Mistress

Before I bend you over to milk your prostate with my penis, we will make sure you are able to take it all with ease. If you are new to strap on sex, I may decide to work you over with anal beads or a butt plug.  You will also be trained to wear a but plug all day while at work. In order to enjoy riding my cock with your ass, you need to be anal trained properly. Starting with a small size, then working up to 8 or 10 inches, is my idea of a great time. How about you?  Get addicted to your new strap on phone sex mistress. Bend over, baby.

Your Anus: A Prostate Milking Erogenous Zone

A lot of guys are leary of playing with their ass, or having someone else play with it, for that matter.  I dated a guy a while back who couldn’t understand my preoccupation with his anus.  I’m such a young kinkster and love exploring seemingly taboo boundaries in bed.  With a little coaching, he . . . → Read More: Your Anus: A Prostate Milking Erogenous Zone

Prostate Milking Fetish Phone Sex With Mistress

When you want to try something new it is always an exciting, yet apprehensive experience.

The initial high is what makes you eager to dive right in, yet when it comes time to partake in the experience, your excitement may wane. You reconsider if it’s the “proper” thing to do.  Better yet, you force . . . → Read More: Prostate Milking Fetish Phone Sex With Mistress

Prostate Milking with a Dildo

Imagine having an intense, or better yet, electrifying orgasm unlike anything you have ever experienced.  I’m sure since you discovered your dad’s porn collection, you’ve masturbated your cock 100 different ways, but have you ever wondered if the jolt of sexual energy that shoots from your shaft can be even more intense?  How, you . . . → Read More: Prostate Milking with a Dildo

Prostate Milking: An Orgasm, but Better!

Have your attention?  Good.

Something has you intrigued about prostate milking.  If you are  a seasoned pervert like myself (yes, Mistress is rather pervy), you are likely at least half way educated on the matter.  I know you’ve thought about having anal sex  or having a mistress guide you on milking your balls to . . . → Read More: Prostate Milking: An Orgasm, but Better!

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